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Helpful information during COVID-19

Helpful information during COVID-19

Resources for Supporting Mental Health through COVID-19

1. Visit virusanxiety.com

This website has articles, meditations, and
concrete strategies for managing anxiety related to COVID-19.

2. Routine/Schedule.

Kids thrive with a schedule because it helps them understand expectations and stay regulated. Here is a sample daily schedule.

3. Read this article

with simple, concrete ideas for managing anxiety/depression on psychotherapy networker.

4. Create a COVID-19 time Capsule

Learn how here.

5. Focus on your locus of control, for example:

If you find yourself needing more support or strategies, please do not hesitate to request an intake with one of our psychotherapists through Family Counseling Associates by calling the main number at Andover Pediatrics, (978) 475-4522.