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An Update on Office Policies during the Coronavirus Pandemic

An Update on Office Policies during the Coronavirus Pandemic

To our patients:

Information regarding Coronavirus is changing rapidly and has been changing rapidly. Fortunately, children fare well, most often with mild or no symptoms.

We follow the CDC Guidelines and the directives from the State of Massachusetts to help control the spread of Coronavirus. For the safety of all patients and staff we will not have walk-in hours until further notice. We have also taken some creative steps to continue to make ourselves available to our patients with their medical needs during this time. We want to stress the importance of keeping your child healthy, especially during the outbreak of COVID-19. We will continue to see children for wellness visits and will be open for illness-related visits.

To assist with the spread of illness, we have the following temporary policies in place:

  1. We will not have walk-in hours until further notice.
  2. Wherever possible, we are offering Telemedicine appointments. There a limited number of visits we can do via telemedicine and we may reach out to you, via the telephone, to provide care.
  3. We have decided to see only healthy children under age 2 and children aged 4, 11, and 12 for well visits. We will be rescheduling all other visits that are scheduled until further notice. We ask that only the patient and one adult come in for the visit. Please call to reschedule if you or your child have any respiratory symptoms (sore throat, cold, and cough) or fever.
  4. We will be greeting patients to help get your child into a room quickly. We are also dividing the day in two segments. We will be seeing wellness, physical exams, and non-respiratory visits in the morning and we will be seeing all respiratory-related visits (by appointment only) in the afternoon.
  5. Our nursing staff will be triaging, via telephone, all patients who are seeking an appointment. We will not be seeing patients who have probable Coronavirus. We can’t test in our office but would be happy to discuss symptoms and concerns over the telephone. We can also assist you with current guidelines on testing. Please be patient while our staff manages the increase in call volume.
  6. Children and families with possible Coronavirus should not come to the office. If we feel it is appropriate to have your child seen in our office, please follow the advice from our nursing staff. They will direct you on how to enter our facility.

We all understand the anxiousness you must be feeling. The situation and guidance is changing rapidly and we will try to update you regarding any major changes. Please reassure your children that they will be fine, and frequent hand-washing and coughing into the elbow can keep others healthy. Please have your children avoid sharing toys and do not take your children to the grocery store. Avoid any public places that you do not have to be at. If your child has a fever or difficulty breathing, please call our office for guidance at (978) 475-4522. We have nursing staff available to triage your calls.

Remember to check our website for updates.

Thank you.