Disciplining children depends on their age and development, so please ask your Pediatrician for specific advice.

Toddlers are commonly a challenging age group, because they are just beginning to want control over their lives, but do not have a good understanding of danger or why some activities are not allowed.

Toddlers frequently want your attention, so they learn to do behaviors that get your attention. Dangerous behaviors are frequently attention-grabbing, so make sure to praise and give attention to your toddler when they are behaving well. When they are doing a behavior that you would like to prevent or end, distract them with a new activity or reframe the behavior in a productive way. For example, if your toddler is throwing a toy train, say, “let’s drive the train,” instead of “don’t throw that.” If you simply tell them not to throw the train, they won’t know what else to do, so it is helpful for you to suggest an alternative.

When possible, give choices so that your child can feel as much control as possible. That being said, set limits so that your child learns that they can’t always do whatever they want. However, if you set a limit, stick to it.