Whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding, a combination of both, or have questions, Andover Pediatrics is here to support you and baby.


Bottle Feeding

If you are Breastfeeding

At Andover Pediatrics, we’re thrilled to offer in office lactation support. If your baby is struggling to nurse before leaving the hospital or is being discharged from the hospital with a complex feeding plan we can often bundle your newborn visit with a lactation visit. Just ask while scheduling your next appointment or call to schedule a lactation appointment.

Breast & Nipple Care

Nipple Care

The biggest takeaway is the importance of treating the root cause.

Kelly Mom Healing Tips


Engorgement is a normal process when the milk “comes in” usually 2-5 days after giving birth. For some mothers the feeling is very obvious and for others is is more subtle. Often when babies are latching well and feeding frequently this won’t be as dramatic as many mothers picture. Below is a link that goes into management a bit more.

Kelly Mom Engorgement


We get a lot of calls about medications and breastfeeding. As it turns out, the answer RARELY is to pump and dump. Here is a link to the database our nurses use when checking to see if a medication is safe while breastfeeding. If it is not a straightforward answer call us and we would be happy to look over it with you.

This website also is an application you can download on your phone as a quick reference. For multiple medications or more complex medication questions we recommend calling Infant Risk Center for a free consultation with experts on medication and mothers milk.


or Call at 1-806-352-2519

If you are Formula feeding

Here at Andover Pediatrics, we support your decision to feed your baby however works best for your family. We strive to create an inclusive, welcoming office environment where you will feel safe and supported through those hazy newborn days and beyond.

We are changing computer systems to EPIC in March! During the transition, there will be less appointments available and we’ll be responding a bit more slowly while we learn the new system and transition all of the patient information. We appreciate your patience!