Feeding : Starting Solids

Starting solids can be very exciting and also intimidating. Baby led weaning? Purees? The good news is there isn’t a wrong choice.

The research does not support one method or the other. Both are great options. Choose what you feel most comfortable with. The main thing is by about 6 months babies need supplemental nutrition in addition to their breast milk or formula. Every baby is ready at their own pace but most are there by about 6 months. In the beginning solids are just extra and don’t replace a feeding. Aim to give after a milk feeding. Start with one meal a day and as baby gets more interested progress to 3 meals/day. By 12 months most babies are eating 3 meals with snacks in addition to 25-35 oz of milk each day.

For purees we recommend starting with a fortified oat based infant cereal mixed with formula or breastmilk then progress from there. For baby led weaning (“BLW”) starting off can take a little more thought but most families find it easier because you can eat while baby eats and you basically modify whatever your family is having to give to baby too.

For both BLW and purees we recommend introducing peanut butter and eggs early on to prevent food allergies unless your baby has severe eczema or is otherwise higher risk for food allergy. Check with your provider at your baby’s 6 month well visit if you’re not sure.