Feeding Your Picky Eaters & Healthy Snack Ideas

Feeding kids can be challenging! It is completely normal for a child’s appetite to lessen between ages 1 and 5. Their appetite may vary depending on energy level, temperament and periods of growth.

They may refuse foods they have previously eaten. Sometimes this is because they are eating between meals and/or drinking liquids (juice or other) in between meals. Other times they may be refusing food as an expression of feelings unrelated to food.

  • Establish a routine of meals and snacks that work best for the family while making meal time a fun time where food is shared and enjoyed together.
  • Include your child in the meal planning, shopping and preparation when possible.
  • Challenge them to add diversity to their diet by seeing how many different colors of fresh foods are on their plate.
  • Remind them they can eat veggies raw or cooked.
  • Take your child to a farmers market or apple picking and then make something with the food you bring home.
  • Let your child help set the table for meal time and pick their own lunch box for school.

Many websites and social media sites have excellent suggestions to encourage healthy eating habits and meal/snack/recipe ideas for kids including:

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